Their “18 summers”…

    As a mother, each passing year, I think we only have “this many summers left”. It always leaves me with so many emotions about how fast our little humans grow. But then, one day, it dawned on me. What is it like FOR THEM. How do they feel, knowing their “18 summers” is up. So, we got together with four bestfriends, who are seniors.. and asked them just that. Under their individual photos they wrote how they felt, and I balled my eyes out (parents grab your tissues).


    Looking back to the beginning, I thought it would never come to an end. But now it’s senior year and it’s moving faster than I ever imagined. appreciating the little things, as life goes on I will look back and reminisce on all of the good times. From late nights, volleyball games, study dates, and the many obstacles that got me to where I am today. This last year is very important, it’s a time to reflect, learn, and squeeze your loved ones a little more than normal. Without these girls, and my family, getting through these 4 years would’ve been extremely difficult. Saying goodbye as we all go away to college won’t be easy, but the future ahead is greater than we can imagine. -Jillian Orr


    My high school years are coming to an end. It literally flashed before my eyes. Everyone said it would. I remember so vividly my first day of middle school, and now my school days are coming to an end? It feels like it just began. You never really pay any mind to all of the adults around you telling you “it’ll fly by”. You think it’s just something everyone says, to get through high school. It does, in fact, and will, fly by. All of the years I’ve been in school, I never thought I would value sitting in a classroom, as a high school student, as much as I am, this year. You don’t think you are going to miss it, but all of the little things like spirit weeks and just casually seeing your best friends in the hallways everyday, are things we so easily take for granted, because it’s something we’ve been doing for so long. It’s normal to us. It’s our everyday. As exciting as it is to start this brand new chapter in my life, I know it will be a bittersweet goodbye, and a goodbye I am saddened to face. -Lily Hunt


    As a little girl you dream and fantasize about many things. Your first prom, your first kiss, getting your license, your wedding day. You expect them all to turn out perfect. But in reality, it isn’t always like that. High school is a journey. You lose friends and get in trouble. You get in arguments and fail tests. You work hard on a papers just for them to get deleted or lost. But you learn to push through and overcome those late nights studying. You learn to like coffee and appreciate going to bed early. The good grades and honors awards come with hard work. But it’s impossible to get through any of it without your friends. And that’s how you get through. The years go by fast, and before you know it, it’s over. As a kid you only get 18 summers. And I sure made mine count. -Mckenna Bartlett


    Coming to the close of my high school career I’m starting to realize a few things. All those days you faked being sick to get out of school, all those days you begged to go home early, all those days you said you wished you were still home sleeping, all those days are gone. Everyone takes high school for granted until it’s over and they wish they hadn’t. All the last first classes, your last lunch periods, your last pep-rally’s, and spirit weeks are coming to an end and you wish you could pause it all. The idea of high school is so unappreciated, having all your friends with you every single day, having the opportunity to play whatever sport you wanted, all while getting an education in fun classrooms is a hard idea to grasp until you start seeing it slip away from you. but now that it’s coming to an end, you can’t help but think of all the times you took for granted. the past 4 years have been the worst, best, hardest, and most exciting days of my life, goodbye high school. -Bella Cecchini

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