The Foster Family.


I couple months back I was contacted by Erin Foster, she is also a photographer herself which always makes working with another photographer so much fun!

They were vacationing at Disney World, in Orlando Fl. I was jumping for {joy} as its one of my most, favorite places to be. They stayed at the “Beach Club”- which was incredibly gorgeous. I enjoyed this extended family so much!

The love and giggles radiates from these images- almost like they tell a story!

www.chelseawhetselphotography.comchelsea-whetsel-photography-1 chelsea-whetsel-photography-2 chelsea-whetsel-photography-7 chelsea-whetsel-photography-8 chelsea-whetsel-photography-10 chelsea-whetsel-photography-11 chelsea-whetsel-photography-12 chelsea-whetsel-photography-14 chelsea-whetsel-photography-17 chelsea-whetsel-photography-19 chelsea-whetsel-photography-21 chelsea-whetsel-photography-25 chelsea-whetsel-photography-26 chelsea-whetsel-photography-29 chelsea-whetsel-photography-30 chelsea-whetsel-photography-34 chelsea-whetsel-photography-35 chelsea-whetsel-photography-37

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