Education/ Mentor

A lot of new photographers have that fire burning drive to succeed!

Sometimes starting is the toughest part. Getting your vision, into your camera, and edited the way you want takes time, knowledge, and patience.
Here at CWP we help with the basics of your DSLR camera, software editing, post processing and culling.
You come along with us to one family session and shadow us! You take all the same photos we do! We dive together into the editing process to get the look you’re wanting!

What do you receive?

This is a one week course, online! You’ll have “homework”- (fun homework)!
I chat with you daily for 10-15 minutes to review.
I meet with you once during this week, usually the second or third day! If you are not local, we can FaceTime or Skype. We meet to discuss your goals and dreams, and what exactly your wanting out of this.
You tag along with us to a session, bring your camera because you’ll be photographing everything we are! Learn how to pose families, and how to adjust your lighting to get that perfect golden hour glow!

Don’t forget, you’re building an empire!